For the second time in two nights, my brain failed me but my heart ended up happy. When U.S. Soccer coach Bob Bradley put Freddy Adu in their Gold Cup semifinal against Panama with a half-hour left, I was furious. But the former phenom was a complete game-changer in the win, and may have resurrected his career in 30 minutes. Also, the Nats got to .500!

Wal-Mart is ponying up $25 million to support summer programs across the country, including more than $600,000 for the District. (BRADLEY C BOWER/BLOOMBERG NEWS)

Ever since I first saw "The Godfather," I've always assumed that being on the run is part of being a mobster. Whether it's in a rustic village in Italy or a crappy warehouse with a bunch of mattresses, escapability is key to organized crime. James "Whitey" Bulger, the ruthless Boston gangster who was partially an inspiration for "The Departed," was one of the most elusive ever. The 81-year-old was finally caught after 16 years on the run, chilling in Santa Monica, Calif. Needless to say, his girlfriend described him as having a "rage issue."

Architect Jeffery Broadhurst stands next to an environmentally responsible dwelling he designed that is based on a “corn crib.” (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Every once in a while, there's a story that some might describe as "journalism for journalists." When news broke that former Washington Post reporter Jose Antonio Vargas had revealed that he was an undocumented immigrant, it set off a wave of questions around the building. How did he get hired? Who else knew? Why didn't The Post run the story? Will he be deported? The Post's Paul Farhi does his best to answer all the questions.

For my money, this year has the weakest NBA Draft class I can remember in some time. When the league's annual selection of amateur players goes down tonight at Prudential Center in Newark, you're going to watch a bunch of guys you've never heard of walk across the stage. The Wizards have the sixth pick as of right now, and The Post's Mike Wise thinks they should go foreign. Also, Wizards' Insider Michael Lee points out how Kentucky point guard Brandon Knight could be the key to the team's draft.

Extra Bites

• It's official, lads: Lindsay Czarniak is flying the coop. The 33-year-old sports reporter is headed to ESPN in a career move that's not entirely unexpected. On a sidenote, if you tune into her station, NBC4, for the 4 p.m. newscast, you may see a familiar face talking about something fun!

• Here's some simple math. The George Washington University is one of the most expensive undergraduate colleges in America. Its president, Steve Knapp, is now one of only 30 people in his job who make $1 million a year.

• The gargantuan catfish that was caught in Virginia last week is officially a record. That thing is huge.

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