There’s a new documentary coming out soon called “Page One” that details the inner workings of the New York Times. Since I’m a huge journo nerd, I couldn’t be more excited about seeing it. There’s a premiere event for the movie at the Newseum later this month.

Locke Kackley, 8, left, and Virginia Kackley, 9, cool off at the National Zoo. (Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

I’ve gotten into and seen quite a few arguments on airplanes. Who hasn’t? But never once did any of those disagreements take a turn like the one Sunday night on a plane that took off from Dulles International Airport. On a flight headed to Accra, Ghana, when a passenger leaned his seat back too far into another person’s lap, the situation escalated quickly and the plane ended up with F-16 fighter jets escorting everyone back home. The Post’s Ashley Halsey III reports on what you have to do before you can land a plane prematurely that was intended for a more-than-5,000-mile trip.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a Congressional Wine Caucus. Yes, a group of 180 elected officials exists on Capitol Hill to help get federal funding for vintners nationwide to assist with crop cultivation research and distribution efforts. Last month, the lawmakers specifically were honored by something called the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine of America for their work. The Post’s Dave McIntyre reports on the goofy ceremony that took place at the City Club of Washington, modeled after old 13th-century secret wine societies.

Many people believe that teachers are underpaid and generally undervalued in society. While I’ve always empathized with that sentiment, never before have I felt more compelled to agree with it. While drug violence continues to ravage Mexico, innocent bystanders, including schoolkids, can get caught up in the fray. One kindergarten teacher in Monterrey managed to film herself soothing her students while they were facedown on the classroom floor after getting in the middle of a gunfight outside the school. Don’t be surprised if this video makes you cry.

On the eve of the Stanley Cup Finals, one NHL franchise moved from the South to Canada. When hockey fans should be focused on the Bruins’ improbable run to the top of the Eastern Conference to face the red-hot Canucks, the league instead announced a team sale. This is important to Caps fans because the Atlanta Thrashers, a Southeast division foe, will be moving to Winnipeg, adding a couple of incredibly long road trips to the schedule next season.

Extra Bites

• I'm not super stingy about my e-mail address (obviously) but I'm not particularly keen on people giving it out without my permission. Some people don't like not knowing who's going to show up at any given event. Slate's Manners for the Digital Age podcast explores the question: Is it more polite to publish the guest list for a social event, or keep it private? Funny stuff.

• Jack Boyer, a senior at Blacksburg High School in Virginia, was named prom queen after he went to the dance dressed in drag as Lady Gaga. That's what I call progress.

• If you like flip-flops and ride Metro a lot, watch your step.

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