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It's unfortunate when the idiotic actions of a few ruin a nice event for many. Yesterday, African American Family Day, the traditional Easter Monday event at the National Zoo, was marred when a teenager was stabbed in a fight. Apparently the zoo was mobbed, and with DCPS out on spring break, the free event was quite popular. What troubled me most was a report I heard on television that there was even talk on Twitter of a pre-planned brawl at the celebration. The Post's Paul Duggan and Martin Weil report on the latest incident to sully the gathering that dates back to the 1890s.

I'll never forget the first time I ate cilantro. As a kid in grade school, one of my teachers did a taste test for students in the class prior to making a recipe. When given a small leaf to eat, half the kids freaked out and ran to the water fountain while the rest sat calmly and chewed. I stayed in my seat. It was then explained to us that some people just naturally think cilantro tastes like soap. At the time, to me, that was weird. The Post's Bonnie Berkowitz and Patterson Clark explain how our taste buds reflect certain hard-wiring in our brains about flavors.

Although today is the special election for an at-large D.C. Council seat , the people from whom we've heard the least about it are those actually on the dais. And while council member Sekou Biddle tries to keep his seat, his colleagues at the John A. Wilson Building have been mum on endorsements. The Post's Tim Craig reports on why nobody seems too willing to come out and publicly support Biddle, even though many of his fellow lawmakers claim to back him.

The royal wedding has turned out to be quite the polarizing spectacle. Some people love all the attention surrounding the nuptials, others could not be more fed up. Slate's Mark Oppenheimer takes this concept a step further, arguing that not only should Americans not be fans of Kate and William, they should hate the concept of monarchy altogether. The Post's Anne Applebaum takes a softer tack, pointing out that the two kids are doing pretty well under fire, considering all the attention. This guy, however, is totally insane.

Dan Snyder is not backing down in his fight against the Washington City Paper. The much-maligned Redskins owner is suing the tabloid alt-weekly about a story by Dave McKenna, the longtime D.C. sports writer who profiled Snyder's business practices. Snyder's suit centers around one specific claim — that Snyder was personally responsible for forgeries as a telemarketer. He's so sincere about this that he wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post today. To be clear, we're in the middle of an NFL lockout and the draft is two days away. Just saying.

Extra Bites

• We've all had a socially awkward co-worker or two or three. Sometimes there's that one person who just doesn't get it but who you can't bring yourself to say anything to about it. And although The Federal Coach's Tom Fox typically gives advices to only government employees, I think his tips for navigating tricky workplace situations are sound for everyone.

• William Donald Schaefer's procession passed through Annapolis and Baltimore yesterday, and Maryland residents came out in droves to pay their respects to the beloved politician. Moving images.

• Would you buy an iPhone 5 if it looked like this?

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