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The unofficial returns are in, and it looks like Vincent Orange is going to be the next at-large member of the D.C. Council. Orange (whose name by the way is much more fun to say if you pronounce it with a French accent), beat out Republican Patrick Mara and Sekou Biddle, who held the seat for a hot second after Kwame Brown was elected chairman last year. Orange is an old-school D.C. politician: He once represented Ward 5 on the council and he's run for mayor before. Sidenote: At the candidates forum at the Black Cat a while back, I'm pretty sure I remember him saying that he hadn't ridden the bus since he went to Howard University in the '80s.

If I had an infographics team at my disposal, I'd want a breakdown of all the states Donald Trump has owned property in his lifetime. But, because I'm a dunce and there are actually people who do this for a living, a Washington Post analysis has uncovered a far more interesting fact about The Donald. Turns out that over the years, he's donated more money to Democrats than any other party. The Post's Dan Eggen and T.W. Farnam break down exactly who's received cash from the billionaire, including a guy who would make quite the feisty running mate!

When news first broke that the Taliban successfully executed a jailbreak, it sounded like something out of a movie. So much so, that it was hard to believe at all that this was an actual operation versus an inside job. But in 2008, 2,512 inmates escaped from prisons in this country, as well. Slate's Christopher Beam details the most popular methods for making a break, which seems like it's easier than ever. If you're wondering, yes, "The Shawshank Redemption" makes the list.

Our girl Katie Couric announced her exit from CBS yesterday, confirming what everyone effectively already knew about her intentions. The question now is: What will she do next? The Post's infinitely genius Lisa de Moraes takes an in-depth look at what Couric plans to do with the rest of her career, including possibly become "the next Oprah" on the daytime talk circuit. Key detail: Couric makes $15 million a year. I had no idea she was that rich.

D.C. United are in minor free fall right now. Ben Olsen's boys started out relatively steady this year, but in their past two matches, one MLS league game and a U.S. Open Cup qualifying tilt Tuesday, the Black and Red have lost by a combined score of 7-2. To make things worse, their expensive Montenegrin midfielder Branko Boskovic — the only man on the squad to score last night — went down with a knee injury. The Post's Steven Goff reports on what went down at Maryland SoccerPlex.

Extra Bites

• If you're into baking bread, I feel for you. The process is so painstaking and time-consuming that it makes standing in line at the grocery store seem downright desirable. But for those of you who actually own bread machines, The Post's Steve Luxenberg has a mini-revelation for you.

• It seems obvious that keeping your stuff safe at the gym should be paramount, but many of us get lazy or complacent in our efforts. My colleague Vicky Hallett offers a quick how-to guide on keeping your personal items safe when you're working out.

• Some guy is writing a song about every... single ... stop ... in ... the ... entire ... Metrorail ... system. That would be 86 songs.

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