Yesterday was a tough one in the journalism world. All of us in the industry recognize the changing nature of the business, but nobody wants to see others lose their jobs. Tuesday, Gannett announced that it would lay off 700 employees, citing an ad slump. Extremely unfortunate.



What is it with Virginia lawmakers taking trips to France? Last week, The Post reported that state officials were headed to the land of Gaul as part of a lobbying effort for the commonwealth's mining industry. Now legislators are going to Paris courtesy of the state tobacco commission. Not only is the board spending $20,000 on the trip, but the group's executive director is taking a side trip to Germany to see a car convention. The Post's Anita Kumar reports on the latest questionable activity by Virginia's leaders.

I was never one for theater in high school. The one play I was in, I managed to fall off the stage. Years later, I can laugh that off, but for professional actors, an audition goof can be the difference between a paycheck and the poor house. In the D.C. area specifically, the world of regional theater is particularly challenging. Now, Peter Stray, a 32-year-old Welsh actor, has created "Downstage Confessions," an "antic 17-part Web series about the fictionalized lives of struggling stage actors in Washington," as The Post's Jane Horwitz describes it.

When Wilson Ramos stepped to the plate in the 9th inning last night, I will admit that I had zero faith in him. I was yelling and screaming about how if the Nationals manager hadn't pinch-hit Matt Stairs an inning earlier, he'd be available for a big spot now. Then Ramos crushed a change-up out of the park to win the game and I happily ate my words. The Post's Adam Kilgore reports on the incredible comeback victory over the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday night. Sidenote: It was Ramos's first ever walk-off homer.

Extra Bites

• The "Beltway Sex" case has come to a close and the situation is still as bizarre as ever. Not only did the lawsuit end with a fine for the accused, but he also tweeted about the proceedings. The State of NoVa's Tom Jackman discussed the case today at 11 a.m.

• If you were wondering why your commute to or from Montgomery County took so long this morning, it's because a storm last night messed up all the traffic lights.

• Former USA Softball star Jennie Finch is naming her son "Diesel." His name will be Diesel Dean Daigle. I love this.

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