The MLS All-Stars got smoked by Manchester United last night. Can’t say I’m very surprised, but it did take more than one half for the game to get marginally ugly.

Either way, I’m still incredibly jacked for the Champions League final rematch taking place Saturday evening. That should most definitely resemble the match at Wembley from May be quite competitive.

Rebecca Renard walks along Martin Luther King Jr. Ave in the Anacostia area of Washington. She is among a group of young black professionals who are trying to improve the Anacostia neighborhood. (Bonnie Jo Mount/WASHINGTON POST)

Where do you think you’d be relationship-wise if you let a newspaper’s magazine decide who you date? The Washington Post’s Sunday mag has been setting people up for five years and results have gone from awful to awesome. The best part about this literary experiment is that there are no limitations on who can apply to get hooked up. The other best part about it is that there’s no telling what could happen, considering they’re all blind dates. The Post’s Christina Breda Antoniades writes about the history of the most famous dating show in Washington.

If you’ve ever lived or worked on Capitol Hill, you know that beauty is at a premium in those parts. Luckily, The Hill takes precious time away from covering our nation’s elected leaders to hold a mini-pageant show for the people working around the clock to make this country a better place, ahem. Guess what? Three actual lawmakers made the list this year and their bachelor status is apparently a big deal. The Reliable Source has the list, highlighting how their stiff suits and steely smiles keep America satisfied.

My dad went to Howard and my sister went to Spelman. The former was in a fraternity and latter was in a sorority. Their two schools are some of the most famous HBCUs in the U.S. and their respective ‘Greek’ populations are renowned. More broadly, Greek life is a major part of black college life in general, if you weren’t aware. Omega Psi Phi is a major black national fraternity, and it was founded right here in the District at Howard University. They’re celebrating their 100th anniversary this weekend, and to prepare you, The Root has a fun history of black greeks for your enjoyment.

Albert Haynesworth is finally leaving town. The well-hated pantload of a defensive lineman who found a way to garner a $100 million contract from the Redskins is shipping up to Boston to play for the New England Patriots. You can call him disgruntled, overpaid or underproductive, but the fact is that he’s gone. I’m sure all the burgundy and gold’s problems will melt away now that Fat Albert is away and the team has brought in 900 wide receivers to replace him. The Post’s Mike Jones reports on the latest roster moves out of Ashburn.

Extra Bites

• ‘Manners for the Digital Age’ with Slate’s tech guy Farhad Manjoo and their advice columnist Emily Yoffe is my new favorite thing in the world. This week they discuss a rather tough topic: Do you think it’s appropriate to share news about a death in the family on Facebook? Email me your thoughts.

• Many of you may know that ex-NBC4 sports anchor Lindsay Czarniak is headed to ESPN, but you might not know that her fiancee, Craig Melvin, a tremendous newsman in his own right, is headed to MSNBC.

If you’ve never seen the ponies swim the ‘Teagues, make sure you do it next year.

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