The NBA Finals begin tonight and I'm ready to rock. Although it takes forever to complete, the NBA Playoffs is still the best basketball tournament in the world, and its last stanza tips off in Miami tonight. On a sidenote: The NHL's Atlanta Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg.

Fairfax tries to make an area known for shopping and offices attractive to more home buyers and renters. (Jeffrey MacMillan/WASHINGTON POST)

When I wasn't living in Takoma, I spent the other part of my upbringing in McLean Gardens. Every day around this time of year, Newark Street would be swarming because its community garden was such a hot spot. The operation always seemed serious but colloquial, and most people were pretty friendly. It now turns out that the garden has been getting hit by a constant bandit who has expensive taste in blooms. The Post's Lori Aratani reports on the thief that's been filching flowers all over Ward 3 for years.

Sticker shock is affecting esteemed colleges more than ever. And for kids with stellar academic records, it's not all about getting into the highest-profile institution anymore. With attitudes changing within families about the sensibility of spending $50,000 a year on college, merit aid packages have become integral in the admissions bidding war for students. The Post's Daniel de Vise reports on how price comes before prestige in today's academic market.

Sarah Palin takes part in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride to honour U.S. veterans. (MOLLY RILEY/REUTERS)

Yesterday's NCAA lacrosse championship was a fantastic game. It was only the second time in history that two ACC teams had faced off in the finals, and the match didn't disappoint. Maryland, which hadn't won it all since 1975, was taking on Virginia, whose program was rocked last year by the slaying of Yeardley Love and the case against her accused killer, and then-men's team member George Hugely. The Post's Christian Swezey chronicles how the Cavaliers made it out of tragedy to lift the trophy.

Extra Bites

• The folks over at Capital Bikeshare are pretty smart. First, they launch a groundbreaking program to deliver bicycles across the city. Then, after rampant success, they greatly expand the program. Now they're instituting a system that rewards riders who return their bikes to typically underused stations. Genius.

• My homeboy Chip wrote a column in Express about one of my favorite rappers, Tabi Bonney, who not coincidentally is from D.C. If his new video "Sunshine" doesn't get you cised for summertime in the city, I don't know what to tell you.

• Metro's latest plan to close the budget gap: A new gift shop!

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