I ran into Chris Thomas last night, a local comedian and former BET show host who was colloquially known as “The Mayor of Rap City” during his on-air days. Honestly, it was sort of weird to come face to face with a character I'd grown up watching. If it wasn't for guys like him, I might not have the opportunity to do what I do today. Props to The Mayor.

A N.Y. shopper searches for bottled water on Long Island. (MIKE SEGAR/REUTERS)

Downed power lines in Maryland. (Katherine Frey/THE WASHINGTON POST)

With the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks looming, many people have their minds on the most recent day that changed America. And although that Tuesday was one of the most horrific on record in this country, it is easy to overestimate in terms of its historical importance, in the minds of some. It might have been the most dramatic moment of this media era, but Foreign Policy's David J. Rothkopf breaks down 10 other events from the last decade that may have been more significant.

I'd like to think I attended a fair amount of crazy parties in college, but this story is out of control. Apparently, last weekend, some ambitious co-eds at Colorado State University decided to throw a pool party at their apartment complex. One problem: they put it on Facebook. Unsurprisingly, thousands of people showed up, the place was a mob scene and a couple of people got arrested. Campus Overload's Jenna Johnson reports and has video of the wild setup.

Michael Vick. (Rich Schultz/AP)

Extra Bites

• The Georgetown Barnes & Noble is reportedly going to close before the end of the calendar year, which is a real bummer for me. That place was clutch if you needed a quick coffee and the regular Starbucks was packed, or for a non-super gross public bathroom. Alas.

• The newest cast of 'Dancing With the Stars' is clearly the best one ever. It doesn't get better than Nancy Grace, Ron Artest and Chaz Bono.

• Here is your video of awesomeness for the day. Adorbs.

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