Good afternoon. We had a little taste of spring, and now it appears we’re headed back to winter. Snow on Sunday? Really? Really? Ah well, into every life a little rain must fall. Fortunately, we’ve got our D.C. area bloggers to distract us. Today’s selection includes March Madness, as well as a question I’m sure many of us ask after a bad day at work: would I still work if I won the lottery?

Everybody’s got a March Madness story. From Around the Mall – Smithsonian connections to March Madness.

Another sign of spring (even thought it IS kind of cold outside) from New Columbia Heights – the fountains are Merdian Hill Park are on.

From Sweating the Big Stuff – five cheap entertainment ideas.

Dual Income No Kids Finance dares us to dream: If you won the lottery, they ask, would you still work?

Looking for an “Idol” closer to home? Then you might want to catch Arlington Public Schools’ "Arlington Idol" competition on Thursday evening. Four Arlington high school students will compete for fame, fortune — ah well, let’s just say, they’ll compete for the title of "Arlington Idol." has details.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and stay dry. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great posts from our D.C. area bloggers.