When Maryland’s Senate passed a same-sex marriage bill Thursday, supporters streamed out of the Annapolis chamber and celebrated in the streets while others took to Twitter to announce their pride. Some looked ahead toward a possible referendum, and opponents voiced disappointment. The hashtag they used was #MDSSM (for Maryland same-sex marriage).

Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley says he will sign the bill into law. However, voters who oppose the legislation could revoke it if it comes up for a referendum, as is likely.

Here’s a roundup of some of the tweets from supporters and opponents:

#Maryland: John Waters, Berger Cookies, Old Bay, Cal Ripkin Jr., Domino Sugar, Sideling Hill (really), #8 state to legalize #mdssm. #Proud.

— Dylan Goldberg (@DylanGoldberg) February 24, 2012

By expanding the freedom to celebrate love, MD’s legislature just expanded my love for the Free State. So proud to be a Marylander. #MDSSM

— Steve Ruckman (@MoreRuckus) February 24, 2012

Way to go Maryland, way to push human rights forward. Now approve Gay Divorce and its all good.

— Dan Blake (@designbyblake) February 24, 2012

I’m very proud to be a Marylander today, when the state legislature righted a wrong and approved gay marriage. news.yahoo.com/maryland-gay-m…

— Christopher P. Ryan (@CrispyRyan) February 24, 2012

Gay Marriage is alive in Maryland!? Glad I’m prayed up. The rapture is coming. @BishopWSThomas I need a good word this week from you.

— Merck Vincent (@Dr_Merck) February 24, 2012

For every Marylander savoring the sweet taste of equality, pledge your best efforts to help us defend this win if goes to referendum #mdssm

— Heather R. Mizeur (@heathermizeur) February 23, 2012

More important than a new @bikeshare station: The good guys won today in Annapolis. Thank you, delegates who voted for civil rights. #mdssm

— BeyondDC (@beyonddc) February 17, 2012

#mdssm Time to start collecting signatures. Lets veto this in Nov.

— Stephen Santoro (@ssantoro08) February 24, 2012

I remember when a state legalizing same sex marriage warranted a breaking news text. Now it’s just another day of the week #MDssm

— Adam Beck (@theAdamBeck) February 24, 2012

The success of this day calls for a rare indulgence: namely, sixteen-year-old Lagavulin. Cheers to equality. #MDSSM twitpic.com/8nve25

— Foal Papers (@foalpapers) February 24, 2012

It’s going to be a great and fun year for wedding photographers in Maryland. #mdssm #marriageequality

— Meghan Elward-Duffy (@MegElwardDuffy) February 24, 2012

if it goes to referendum, it will be awesome to see maryland be the first state to support marriage equality by popular vote. #mdssm

— Anthony Garrett (@anthonycgarrett) February 24, 2012

The bells of circle church are ringing and the statehouse is brighter then ever. It’s a beautiful night for history to be made. #mdssm

— Dylan Goldberg (@DylanGoldberg) February 24, 2012

It’s funny because I’m sure 95% of our town is cursing everyone who voted in favor of #mdssm and I’m just sitting here cheering and crying.

— Kaylyn Fox (@f0xins0x) February 24, 2012

#mdssm I get to tell my grandchildren that I was a part of all this. Didn’t spectate.

— Lisa Orenstein (@lisaoren) February 23, 2012

I now live (DC) and work (MD) in places that legally recognize and validate same sex marriage. #MDSSM as a CA native this feels so good

— Anya Galli (@anyagalli) February 23, 2012

stepped away to have dinner with my wife and daughter. it reminded me why i support the full recognition of so many other families. #mdssm

— Anthony Garrett (@anthonycgarrett) February 23, 2012