Here are some stories you won’t want to miss as you get started on this rainy Wednesday:

Maryland hospitals and first responders will test the region’s ability to handle a mass casualty terrorist attack Wednesday. (Matthew Staver/BLOOMBERG)

First, “no one would call him smart.” Now, Sen. Ulysses Currie, on trial for bribery charges, is being called a “person of integrity.”

United striker Charlie Davies is suing a D.C. nightclub and Redbull for $20 million.

Four out of 10 drivers in the DMV spend a total of at least one hour a day on the road, according to a new WTOP poll.

The mother of a slain Virginia Tech student is suing the security company she blames for her daughter’s death. Morgan Harrington was killed after she was denied re-entry to a Metallica concert in 2009.

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