Topsy-turvy. It’s going to be one of those days: a little rain here, a lot there. And temperatures all over the map. The Capital Weather Gang says it’ll be partly to mostly cloudy around the region today with temperatures in the mid-50’s to mid-60’s around the area. There’s about a 20 percent chance of rain in the morning, but that increases to 50 percent by afternoon/evening. We also might be in for some thunderstorms like the ones that roared through here Monday morning. And get this: There’s a chance of snow on Sunday. It won’t be enough to stick, but nevertheless, snow in March.

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A bridge to better times? Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is hoping so but other Maryland Democrats aren’t so certain. It’s a difficult spot to be in and one that many other states area grappling with. Without borrowing, Maryland legislators will have to raise taxes or cuts programs — not exactly the legacy many are hoping for. Debate on Maryland’s state budget will continue today with a possible committee vote happening sometime this week.

Can we be friends? The Virginia State Board of Education is expected to consider policies on the use of Facebook and other social media in public schools. We’ll have a story on their findings later today.

Today’s headlines:

“Our memory isn’t like a videotape.” What if something you said sent the wrong person to jail? A 47-year-old Henrico County woman is struggling with guilt and regret after her testimony sent an innocent man — Thomas Haynesworth — to jail for 27 years. Earlier this year, Haynesworth was exonerated after DNA evidence proved he did not rape her or another woman. Haynesworth was freed on Monday — his 46th birthday. “It’s been 27 years,” the woman said recently. “I wish that somehow all that time could be given back to him. But it’s impossible.”

Operator error. An investigation into as many as a half-dozen incidents at Metro railyards has found that Metro train operators are not following proper procedures. No one has been seriously injured in the incidents, but there has been millions of dollars worth of damage. The 15-page report by the Tri-State Oversight Commmittee, about the incidents is expected to be presented during a Metro Board of Directors safety committee on Thursday.

Scandal at McKinley HS. The principal at D.C.’s McKinley Technical High School is under investigation for allegedly falsifying student transcripts. David Pinder allegedly instructed data clerks to make the changes to student transcripts, awarding them credit for courses they did not take. Pinder declined an interview request Tuesday afternoon. The allegations were first reported by the Washington Examiner. The campus is also under investion for possible misuse of $100,000 in grant money.

A boost for Maryland wine lovers. Wine lovers in Maryland may be a step closer to being able to order their favorite vintages directly from teh winery. A bill that would allow direct shipment of wine to consumers cleared two key committees on Tuesday. Now it faces votes on the floor of the House and Senate. If successful, it would be a victory for scores of Maryland residents who currently circumvent the law by ordering wine to their offices in the District or to the homes of friends who live in Virginia – two of the 38 states or jurisdictions that currently allow direct wine shipment.

In short. D.C. Council member Harry Thomas, Jr. is under investigation by the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance for financial dealings with organizations he ran (Post): Virginia’s new “slug” commuter lot is a bust. (Washington Examiner); a new poll shows D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s popularity plummenting (The Washington Times); rise in gas prices has prompted D.C. cab drivers to ask that a gas surcharge be put into place. (

Other items:

March Madness. On the surface, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond may not appear to have much in common. The University of Richmond is a small, secluded private school, while Virginia Commonwealth University is a bustling, urban state university. This week, however, they share the joy of being “Sweet 16” teams and if both are victorious this weekend, could end up facing each other for a shot at the Final Four.

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