The closed entrance to the Smithsonian Metro Station after an incident involving the Blue and Orange lines. (Photo by Matt McClain for The Washington Post)

Readers have also been sharing their general feelings about Metro and the transit authority’s record on getting information about technical issues and delay estimates to riders. On Twitter and in online comments, Metro riders complained that the transit authority did not adequately communicate problems or provide estimates of how long delays would last.

We’ve rounded up some of the comments below. Share your feelings about Metro and any stories you have about Tuesday’s incident in the comments thread.

What readers are saying:

When will WMATA come clean with its users? There are many means of communications but all they send out are vague and benign messages. Do they think that will make a bad situation better? We are grown ups and can handle it. Tell us exactly what is going on, if this is a brief or involved problem, what we should expect, and what we should do.

— proof
Metro is neither safe nor reliable.  
How many more incidents have to occur before these folks learn to communicate with passengers
— observer9

I was among approximately 12-18 passengers who exited the last car of the train via the port/center door within minutes of the train coming to a halt. More than one passenger towards the front of the car claimed to see fire, so some of us almost immediately left the car. (No announcement of any kind was made by the motorman, so we had no evidence to the contrary.) We walked along the workers' passageway to the L'Enfant Plaza station. Metro employees saw us exit.

— michaelmagnus9