The first lady on covert mission to Target: “No one knew who I was.” (Associated Press)

Specifically, Letterman wondered, could she ever just ditch the White House and run out to 7-Eleven for a Slurpee?

“I’ve threatened to do it,” she joked. “You see people talking in their wrists ... ‘Is she kidding?’ I’m gonna do it one day.”

But, as she told Letterman, she manages to sneak out for what she called “covert moves” — Petco, Target, (Shake Shack ...) — with varying degrees of success. The October 2011 Target shopping trip, which sparked as much curiosity as it did criticism, was a relatively short-lived bit of anonymity for the first lady — when a woman cornered her in the detergent aisle, it was only to ask if she could reach a bottle on a high shelf.