She’s got moves: Michelle Obama hosted a soccer clinic last week. (Marvin Joseph/WASHINGTON POST)

In partnership with National Geographic Kids and with the world record for the most people doing jumping jacks in 24 hours as her goal, Obama will lead a group of jumping-jacking students for one minute at the White House at 2 p.m. The contest isn’t just for locals. If you’re interested in participating remotely, these rules will show you how.

The first lady is establishing herself as a notable figure in the fight against childhood obesity since launching the “Let’s Move!” campaign in February 2010. Since then, she has danced the Dougie with Alice Deal Middle School students, helped the USDA scrap the food pyramid and commissioned a music video, “Move Your Body,” from superstar Beyonce Knowles.

“This isn’t about inches and pounds or how our kids look,” Obama said of the campaign during the program’s launch last year. “It’s about how our kids feel and how they feel about themselves.”

On the other hand, the initiative’s effectiveness hasn’t come without its share of criticism, and Obama’s own habits come with a similar degree of scrutiny; reporters counted her calories when she visited the District’s Shake Shack in June.