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“We have several sites in the works,” Peter Gilligan told Washington Business Journal’s Missy Frederick. “We’re looking to fill out the D.C. and Baltimore corridor, both in Northern Virginia and Maryland.”

Wawa has a cult following — members of which have even tried to send petitions to the company to build in Washington — but you don’t need me to tell you about the place’s charms when The Post’s Hank Stuever can do it:

From “Wawa vs. Sheetz: Isn’t that convenient?” in 2009:

“[Die-hard fans say] Wawa should be like Cheers, or like a good friend or an uncle, the place people go when the world falls apart (9/11, the Jersey stores were crammed with people who just needed other people), when the storms come, where the TV crews go to interview commuters about snow. Wawa’s spokeswoman follows up with PDFs of press clippings (more Convenience Store News) and charts that demonstrate Wawa’s utter dominance in the convenient arts.”

Judging from the chatter, fans are hoping it will happen.

Wawa D.C. Expansion: Could It Happen? huff.to/xG8A6WYESYESYESYESYES

— Nicole Haber (@ColeHaber) February 22, 2012

OMG YES!!! RT @WBJ_Newsroom Wawa hopes to open stores closer to D.C. bizjournals.com/washington/blo… via @WBJonline

— Zach Klitzman (@sportzak) February 22, 2012

No word yet from local Sheetz fans.