Our mystery photo contest returns! Do you recognize the location of the photo below? Tell us what, and where, it is.

Our mystery locations are intentionally hard to identify, but don’t worry — we’ll start offering some clues on Friday.

Leave your best guesses in the comments below.

UPDATE, Friday, June 17 at 2:20 p.m.:

Here are three clues for you!

Clue 1: Check out Pat Sullivan’s story about archaeological excavations by University of Maryland students. A quote from the student blog reads: “The object is heavily rusted but distinguishing thing(s) such as the ____, trigger guard, and hammer can be seen...” What is the missing word?

Clue 2: T.W. Farnam’s story about anarchist dog-walkers opens with a meeting in a Petworth group ____. What is the missing word?

Clue 3: The co-owner of what kind of a store pleaded guilty in a Prince George’s corruption case?

Guess the location of this mystery photo, taken somewhere in Washington, D.C. (James Buck/The Washington Post)