NASA will launch five rockets in five minutes Wednesday. ( Rockets)

Night owls, you may want to keep your eyes to the skies Wednesday evening: In order to learn more about the fast-moving winds at the edge of space, NASA plans to launch five rockets in five minutes.

The rockets and their cloudy, glowing “tracer” clouds should be visible to residents along the East Coast from South Carolina to New Jersey.

If the skies are clear — and Capital Weather Gang says it should be — earthlings based in the Washington region should be able to catch a glimpse of five Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment (ATREX) rockets blasting off from a NASA facility in Virginia.

The $4 million mission launch should occur after 11 p.m., but more information and a Web cast beginning two hours before the launch can be found here.

Tell us: If you see a rocket tonight, snap a picture and tweet it to @PostLocal. We’ll feature your pictures in another post.