View Photo Gallery: Four rare maned wolf pups were born Jan. 5 at the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia. While the pups won’t be at the National Zoo, they will play an important role in protecting the future of the endangered animals, which live in central South America.

The National Zoo is asking for help in naming two of four rare maned wolf pups born in early January.

Facebook fans were given several naming options for naming two of the pups, born to parents Salina and Nopal on Jan. 5. Rocko, Bela, Cerrado and Pinga are all options. (View the polls here or here.)

The zoo has been working to protect maned wolves for three decades, according to its Web site. The wolves — which, by the way, actually bear a closer resemblance to foxes — suffer from habitat destruction in their native countries of Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. They are also hunted for their body parts, which are considered to have magical properties. You can learn more about them at the zoo’s Facebook page.