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Occupy D.C. protesters in McPherson Square. (Ricky Carioti/WASHINGTON POST)

Nationals’ Wilson Ramos kidnapped: The promising young Nats catcher has been kidnapped in his hometown of Valencia, Venezuela.

Occupy D.C.’s reimagined Washington: The protesters camped in McPherson Square have done what many planners and architects have tried to do without success: They “activated” the urban core.

What the Va. election results say about 2012: Republicans may have captured the Senate, but Virginia still looks likely to be a battleground of tight races next November.

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. Do you have a tribute or story about a veteran you want to share? Send us your pictures and memories.

The ICC’s next 10-mile segment opens in less than two weeks. Motorists are being warned that the no-toll trial period could swamp local roads.

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