(Image via VasectomyMadness.com)

Richmond-based Virginia Urology is attempting to entice men into vasectomies with March Madness as the catalyst: “Spend 3 days on the couch watching hoops with your wife’s approval!”

For as cringe-inducing a tag­line as this one is, it’s still a more tasteful approach than similar marketing initiatives across the country: A clinic in Cape Cod, Mass. offered a free pizza with every vasectomy, while a clinic in Oregon billing itself as “Snip City” doled out 3D glasses and a cooler, according to USA Today.

If the Virginia campaign is successful, could it be that March will hereby be known as “Vasectomy Madness”? Don’t bet on it. Vasectomies are still historically much less popular than female sterilization procedures, according to WebMd. It remains to be seen whether a free pizza will sweeten the deal.