What can you expect from the iPhone 5? Probably not better cellphone coverage. (AP) | PHOTOS: Smartphone battle

A study published earlier this year found that the D.C. area is plagued with the worst cellphone reception in the country, with 18 out of every 100 calls affected by static or echoes, or dropped altogether.

The number of problem calls were virtually equal among iPhone’s current carriers, AT&T and Verizon, and Sprint, which insiders predict will offer the iPhone 4S.

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@postlocal Dropping calls in Georgetown, 14th street NW #dcdeadzoneTue Oct 04 14:28:40 via webEric Stringfellow

@postlocal Always dropping calls in Geiorgetown. #dcdeadzoneTue Oct 04 14:20:18 via Twitter for iPhoneDavid Enzel

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