Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, center left, dances with Tighe Barry, dressed as Thomas Jefferson as they and others stage a dance-in at the Jefferson memorial. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

Norton plans to amend a Mall revitalization bill to declare July 30th “National Dance Day” on the Mall and around the country. She plans to get “So You Think You Can Dance” judge Nigel Lythgoe and others involved in the action, which will include a flash mob and troupes of local dancers.

“When people go as far as Flash Mob dancing without a permit on the Mall, we should see such a response from the public as a wake-up call to make the Mall more with it,” Norton said. “The spontaneous Mall Flash Mobs we have seen are a virtual call for more participatory activities and events on the Mall.”

Norton said there is one big difference between her event and the dancing at the Jefferson Memorial: She has a permit for the July 30th dance day.

In May, five people were arrested and roughed up for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial. The protest came after a court ruling upholding a ban on the activity at the monument. Last weekend, about 200 dancers did their thing at the Jefferson Memorial, but there were no arrests.

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