The cherry blossoms may have bloomed early, but it’s not too late to catch a glimpse of the pink and white buds.

According to Robert DeFeo, the Park Service’s chief horticulturalist for the region and manager of the annual cherry-care budget, Friday is the peak for the Kwanzan variety of cherry trees.

View Photo Gallery: This spring, the nation celebrates 100 years since the Japanese gave us the iconic cherry trees that flourish around the Tidal Basin.

The Kwanzan, along with the Yoshino variety, dominate the cherry blossom landscape in Washington.

The Yoshino, notable for it’s white blossoms, is predominantly found around the Tidal Basin. These are the trees that reached their peak bloom nearly two weeks ago.

The Kwanzan, on the other hand, are expected to reach their peak bloom this weekend. These trees bear heavy clusters of clear pink blossoms.

DeFeo says most of the Kwanzan trees can be found in East Potomac Park, although there are a few in West Potomac as well.

The Cherry Blossom Festival, celebrating the cherry trees’ centennial, will continue through April 27.