A D.C. police officer talks to Occupy D.C. protesters as they march to the White House. (Matt McClain/For The Washington Post)

The protesters took over the lobby of a building in Chinatown, passed the White House to “stop in on the president,” and concluded the jaunt with a mass electric slide before retiring to their McPherson Square campground.

The march began about 6 p.m. with “about 200 #occupydc members in park getting ready to march” from McPherson Square, according to The Post’s Tim Craig, who tweeted the march.

According to Craig, about eight police officers were in the park listening to the group’s plans and struggling to figure out where the “very loud” marchers were heading.

Joe Wisdom, second right, Lacy MacAuley, right, and other protesters march through downtown D.C. (Matt McClain/For The Washington Post)

The group left the building voluntarily, with about 20 police officers watching from across the street, and began moving again. As they headed south on Ninth Street NW the protesters received “nods of approval in Chinatown from commuters,” tweeted Craig.

The protesters chanted as they marched: “1,2,3,4 we declare class war.” “Eat the rich, not the state.” “Shame.”

Craig tweeted that the number of participants as the group marched through downtown, noting that it “seems to have almost doubled.”

Jake Lowry, center, Brittney Steer, right, and others demonstrate outside the U.S. Conference of Mayors. (Matt McClain/For The Washington Post)

One protester told Craig, “We thought we would stop in on the president given some of us voted for him.”

The march ended peacefully, with no arrests or reported injuries, back in McPherson Square. “Though some still doing electric slide in intersection,” tweeted Craig.

“Should DC ban protests at rushhour? Most DC officials seem to think they equal petition govt. Should protests be limited to 10 to 3?” Craig wrote in a post-march tweet. What do you think? Tell us in a tweet or comment below.

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