Ken Srdjak, 25, of Washington, has been living in McPherson Square as part of Occupy D.C. on and off since November 2011. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

Oft-quoted protester Sam Jewler told Gowen that he and other occupiers will risk arrest to preserve the encampments.

“Many of us will be likely to defend the park with the passion anyone would show defending their home,” Jewler said. “We are fighting for the betterment of D.C., America and the world, and we intend to continue using our First Amendment rights to do so.”

Other occupiers took to Twitter Friday afternoon to air their grievances, post photos of the Park Service warnings placed on encampment tents and even crack a joke or two:

We should tell #ParkPo to come back another day because we’re not finished training the rats. #OccupyDCFri Jan 27 19:31:45 via webArchangeL

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