A group of "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators hold a banner near Oakland City Hall. (Stephen Lam/Reuters)

“We’re just more aware that we’re engaged in something that is in danger of being escalated at any time,” protest media team member Justin Smith said from his day job Wednesday.

At McPherson Square, Wes Kirkpatrick said it was just another scuffle to add to a growing list of events protesters are documenting in signs on the park’s fences.

“The mood here is resilient and concerned,” Kirkpatrick, 27, said. ”But this is just the worst example in the past 24 hours.”

In addition to what happened in Oakland, Kirkpatrick pointed to recent protests in Atlanta, Chicago and Denver; there, the outcomes ranged from police ripping down tents to mass-arresting protesters.

No violent confrontations at McPherson Square have been reported, but Kirpatrick said in recent days police have stopped by to document the protesters’ “tech tent” and the generators used to power services like the protester’ food tent.

“We’re starting to seriously think about what our plan of action would be,” Kirkpatrick said.

Occupy DC had previously arranged a solidarity march Thursday to call attention to recent protests in Chicago, but events in Boston and Oakland will be part of it, protest media team member Sam Jewler said.

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