The protest movement energized by Occupy Wall Street is trying to build momentum in Washington, with demonstrators from the October 2011 and Occupy DC groups gathering Thursday at Freedom Plaza.

The movement, which began in New York City to protest the United States’s “corrupt democratic process,” has spread to cities like D.C., Los Angeles and Chicago, gaining credibility as support from politicians and celebrities has grown.

Occupy DC protesters have been gathering in McPherson Square for planning meetings since Saturday--so far in relatively small numbers, compared to the New York movement.

Protesters marched to Capitol Hill on Wednesday, and plan to hold a rally and concert at Freedom Plaza at noon Thursday, according to their Web site.

While the group doesn’t have a specific agenda, many members have said they oppose the outsized role of corporate money in politics.

Reporter @anniegowen will tweet live from the demonstration.

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Live video from the protest: