Yogi Bear: The original occupier? (AP)

Usually I write about Serious Regional Topics to the point that editors complain I’m too earnest. For today’s column, however, vestigial silliness welled up and led me to compare the District’s Occupy protesters to Yogi Bear. (You’ll have to read the column to see my, er, reasoning.)

The bout of whimsiness lingered. I penned new Occupy lyrics for the Yogi Bear cartoon theme song, which I share below. (The tune is of the song that begins, “Yogi Bear is smarter than the average bear / Yogi Bear is always in the ranger’s hair . . . “). I’ll know I’ve had an impact when I see Boo Boo carrying a sign reading “Tax the Rich!”

Yogi Bear is living in McPherson Square,

Protesting the people never get their fair share,

Rats and cold may bug him but he’s not got a care,

‘Cause he wants to see the people get their fair share!

He will sleep on parkland, even though it’s barred.

And he’s hoping Wall Street fatcats will be feathered and tarred!

Yogi’s got it better than the 1 percent,

He’s living out his fantasies and doesn’t pay rent!

Weigh in below — and if you need a refresher on all things Yogi, the show’s original lyrics are here.