For those of you stuck on the Yellow Line’s cracked rails during your Wednesday morning commute, your story of choice might be about Metro. For others, it’s about Occupy D.C.’s struggle with a new set of squatters.

With this in mind — and taking a cue from great existing campaigns from #MuckReads by ProPublica to #CampaignReads by PostPolitics — we’re hoping to build a comprehensive list of all great local reads.

Meet #DMVReads, a new feature designed to help readers share the best local stories with one another. (Note: “DMV” stands for District-Maryland-Virginia in this little experiment, not the place where you get your plates renewed.)

It’s simple: Share your favorite local story of the day with the hashtag #DMVReads, and we’ll feature some of the best in a lunchtime blog post. To get you started, here are a few of our picks.

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Here are some recommendations from Post staffers to get you going. Here’s one from PostLocal:

The owners of Bookhouse in Arlington have gone about their business as the digital age zeroed in, but will soon close shop. “My parents have quietly stayed in the Bookhouse while the whole world has changed around them,” a daughter says.

#DMVReads: “My parents have quietly stayed in the Bookhouse while the whole world has changed around them.” wapo.st/zXYu3W

— postlocal (@postlocal) January 4, 2012

From Campus Overload’s Jenna Johnson

They dream of building a Chinatown event into something as big as Macy’s Thanksgiving spectacle.

“Four lions?” “Five lions.” “Five to six lions.” A quest for a blowout Chinese New Year parade: wapo.st/ycyA44 #DMVreads

— Jenna Johnson (@wpjenna) January 4, 2012

A similar recommendation from BlogPost’s Liz Flock:

A Chinatown parade in D.C. befitting the Year of the Dragon: goo.gl/OJlZU #DMVReads

— elizabeth flock (@lizflock) January 4, 2012

From Washington Post Style’s Marie Elizabeth Oliver:

#DMVreads: The presidential race heats up within Washington’s social circles. wapo.st/ydXsNb via @ReliableSource

— Marie E. Oliver (@MarieEOliver) January 4, 2012

And here’s my pick:

Here’s my pick for #DMVReads: Is the increase in D.C. rent slowing down? ht.ly/8hXPB - via @urbanturf_dc

— Katie Rogers (@katierogers) January 4, 2012

Happy sharing!