Hopper, left with guitar, and Alex Menell, lower right, pass the time by singing duets under the "Tent of Dreams" inside McPherson Square. (Craig Hudson/For The Washington Post)

The protesters remaining at the camp were celebrating a small victory after a federal judge ruled Tuesday that the U.S. government must provide 24 hours notice before evicting the camp. Throughout the night, “sleep striking” protesters tweeted that Park Police were inspecting tents, but that interactions between officers and protesters were mostly peaceful.

Police leave Freedom Plaza, & leave the occupation in tact..for now. #OccupyDC

— ProgressiveNewsPosts (@ProgNewsPosts) February 1, 2012

But not everybody’s happy about the uneasy calm.

During the Wednesday morning commute, angry residents tweeted their displeasure that the tent had made it through the evening.

Occupy dc as seen from my bus. It’s basically a trash field/ trash dump at this point. #OccupyDCyfrog.com/h4fseqfxj

— Ryne Miller (@ryne_miller) February 1, 2012

And at least two D.C. residents took matters into their own hands and attempted to bring the tent down Tuesday. Here’s video from NBC Washington.

View more videos at: http://nbcwashington.com.

Occupy D.C. is one of the few big city encampments still standing; others in other cities have resorted to “flash occupations” (rallies), according to BlogPost’s Elizabeth Flock. As the days go on, it’s safe to say that the protesters could face more signs of frustration from counter-protesters who want them gone.

Tell us: Which side of the tent are you on?