Occupy the Highway - Richmond to DC marchers on Alexandria's Market Square. (Patricia Sullivan/The Washington Post)

“We’ve been able to spread the Occupy movement through parts of Virginia that would never see it,” said Zach Lewis of Richmond, one of four people who will walk the entire distance. “Occupiers aren’t in just one location. It’s a movement.”

That movement attracted 30 sympathizers who joined in Fredericksburg, and three or four others who got involved along the way. In a rain-drenched Alexandria, the small group was almost outnumbered by local police who unobtrusively held down the corners of the square in front of City Hall.

The marchers didn’t have to spend any time camping out, although they were prepared to do that. Last night, they crashed at a supporter’s home in East Falls Church. As soon as their speakout ends in Alexandria, the group is headed up to Washington, over the Memorial Bridge, to join the campers at McPherson Square.