It turns out that our beloved but non-procreating pandas aren’t the only creatures in Washington that don’t pursue what are supposed to be natural instincts.

The National Zoo’s Giant Pacific octopus — a famously grabby animal — was supposed to choose its own moniker Saturday by latching onto one of four balls with names on them.

Instead, reports KidsPost, the octopus hid in a corner and a blindfolded zookeeper plucked a name from the tank: “Pandora.”

“Pandora” was one of the entries in a naming contest held by the zoo, in which 300 names were submitted by area children this fall.

None of the finalists shared a name with other famous cephalapods, such as “Paul,” the psychic octopus of World Cup fame, or “Ursula,” the tentacled sea-witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

The other options were “Inkling,” “Odysseus,” and “Mirage.”

Tell us: What name would you have chosen?

Vote for your favorite, or get creative and share your own ideas in the comments. PostLocal’s suggestion: “Octopi DC.”