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View Photo Gallery: Family and friends gathered to remember Jayna Murray, who was allegedly killed by a co-worker in a Bethesda yoga-wear store.

Impassioned pleas for Lululemon killer. Relatives of Brittany Norwood, who was convicted in November of killing her co-worker Jayna Murray, are asking a judge to give the 29-year-old a chance at parole. Meantime, the victim’s friends and family are submitting their own impact statements ahead of Norwood’s sentencing on Friday.

Arlington Cemetery is trying to account for $12 million that was allocated between 2004 and 2010, but apparently was never spent.

Md. priest charged with indecent exposure. Mark Stewart Bullock was found nude from the waist down in the movie theater of an adult book store, where customers could see him.

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— News from the last day of the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting, and live tweets from the Metro board of directors annual meeting.

— Updates on John Hinckley’s request for more freedom from his psychiatric hospital, and the plea hearing for Yonathon Melaku, the ex-Marine who shot at the Pentagon, Marine Corps museum and other military-related targets.

— Remember the last time the Redskins made it to the Super Bowl? Former Post reporter Richard Justice jogs Washington’s memory and chats with readers at noon about the ’Skins’ 1992 win against the Bills.

View Photo Gallery: Rebuilding the Capital Crescent Trail through a tunnel in downtown Bethesda as part of a Purple Line transitway would require funneling runners and cyclists through an eight-foot-tall clear tube built above light-rail trains, state engineers say.