But every year, some time-honored topics are resuscitated, while new, offbeat or just downright bizarre themes spring seemingly out of the ether.

We won’t announce the winner and runners-up until Wednesday, but here are some of the best and worst memes from this year’s contest entries.

Tweet Peep memes: The good, the bad, the unexpected

Most Common:

1. We the Peeple.

Peeps in powdered wigs should be funny, by all estimates, but these historical takes on the founding fathers rarely make it to the semifinals.

2. Samuel Pepys

Rule of thumb: A play on words might be precise and direct, but that doesn’t make it good.

3. Sgt. Peeper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Please make it stop.

Most Unexpected:

1. Thieving Peeps

Art-themed dioramas have become hugely popular, due to the success of past entrants. This year, dioramas of Peep burglars stealing works of art offered a refreshing change of pace.

2. Shameless Peeps

The number of adults who made dioramas based on “Twilight,” and weren’t ashamed to admit it.

3. Classic TV Peeps

Several dioramas dusted off throwback topics, such as the Flintstones, the Muppets, and Scooby-Doo, proving the ageless power of pop culture.

4. Tiger Blood Shortage

A shocking lack of Charlie Sheen-related dioramas. But we did get this one:

Submission by Robert Brown (The Washington Post)

Surprisingly Ineffective Themes:

1. The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

People holding witty signs = funny. Peeps holding witty signs = not so much.

2. Lady Gaga

The pop star presents endless opportunities for satire, but so far, not a single diorama has captured her wonderful weirdness.

3. “Glee”

Don’t ask us why — it just doesn’t work.

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