Happy April Fools’ Day, Pepco.

The utility’s headquarters was punked this morning when the Greenwash Guerillas hacked the sign on its building in downtown Washington, adding an “a” and “l” to the end of Pepco’s name, and an unknown number of fake Pepco ads were posted on Metrorail trains last night.

An environmental group, the Greenwash Guerillas, altered Pepco's corporate logo as an April Fools' Day joke. (Greenwash Guerillas)

It’s the second time that the organization has pulled a prank on Pepco. In 2010, fake letters that appeared to show that Pepco was swearing off using coal from “mountaintop removal” mines were left at 3,000 homes in the District and Maryland.

The group demanded that Pepco publicly report how much of the electricity it provides comes from coal that was mined using mountaintop removal techniques.
“The coal ash, carbon and pollutants pumping from the smokestacks Pepco is buying electricity from is poisoning our future,” said Lacy MacAuley, a spokeswoman for the group.

Bob Hainey, manager of Pepco’s media relations department, noted that Pepco does not generate any of its electricity, but resells power created by others.