View Photo Gallery: After Saturday’s sweep of the Occupy D.C. encampment at McPherson Square, U.S. Park Police conduct a less contentious compliance check on protesters at Freedom Plaza, resulting in one arrest.

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Photojournalist Jerry Nelson was among the handful of people arrested at Occupy D.C.’s McPherson Square camp Saturday.

Eleven people were arrested after police swept the park before dawn, clearing it of tents, bedding and sleeping protesters. In the video below, an officer placed Nelson under arrest for simple assault after another person in the park reported him.

According to Nelson’s Web site, his work has appeared on CNN and in The Huffington Post. He’s not the first journalist to be arrested during such a sweep: Over the weekend, photojournalist Carlos Miller was arrested during Occupy protests in Miami and found that police had deleted video he’d taken of his arrest. And in November, at least six journalists were arrested during a New York Police Department raid on Zuccotti Park. (While the journalists mentioned above were actively covering the raids, Nelson writes in his artist statement that he has been living with “protesters involved with the ‘Occupy’ movement throughout the country.” In a video posted last week by NBC Washington, Nelson can be seen struggling with a man who was attempting to dismantle the group’s “Tent of Dreams.”)

(Warning: This video contains offensive language.)

A few blocks away at Freedom Plaza, one person was arrested Sunday. Occupations of both areas began in October, but Freedom Plaza has been the quieter of the two.

“There’s just a much different dynamic here,” Park Service spokesman Sgt. David Schlosser told the Post’s Katherine Driessen. “We have been able to work with people here to protect their First Amendment rights but also keep them safe. That’s the goal here.”

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