(The Tidal Basin, then and now. Courtesy of Jason E. Powell. )

Jason E. Powell understands that.

Powell a network engineer-turned photographer, juxtaposes the new against the old by using vintage photographs of cities including Washington, D.C., with brand-new shots. Powell has compiled the best ones for a photo series called ”Looking Into the Past,” which he hopes to turn into a book. (He’s grown a Flickr network of “Looking into the Past” enthusiasts too.) As Powell told Social Studies, LivingSocial’s city blog this week:

Basically, I hold up old photographs in their modern day context to simulate what it would look like if you could literally open a window and look into the past.

For more, read The Washington Post’s Maura Judkis’s August story on Powell, and here are a few more of his photos for your Friday.

(The Pentagon, then and now. Courtesy of Jason E. Powell)

(Women’s suffrage supporters outside of the White House in 1919, and the White House now. Courtesy of Jason E. Powell )

If you’re into learning more about Washington’s past, check out the Washingtology project.