Take a pin, leave a pin: This social site is addictive. (Pinterest.com/Washingtonpost)

Although I take issue with pigeonholing (pinning?) women’s interests, I suppose there’s some truth to this: When I first logged on a few months ago, I was much more likely to find photos of potential wedding dresses shared by friends than I was to find, well, anything other than photos of potential wedding dresses. And it’s also true that of the site’s 10.4 million registered users, an overwhelming amount are women. (It’s no wonder sites like Gentlemint come along, offering a “no girls allowed” safe space, which, by the way, is sort of girly.)

But as more people use it, the site’s become more interesting than leopard pumps and nail polish (not that there’s anything wrong with either). You know a site’s really made it when it’s become a testing ground for breaking news, political opinion and copyright debates.

Here’s a mix of random, not necessarily girly pins happened upon in the past 10 minutes:

“Star Wars” nerd/avid coming-of-age-chick-lit reader crack!

Adventurist crack!

AA baseball fan crack!

Source: twitter.com via Tulsa on Pinterest

Filing cabinet collector crack!

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Some of you agree:

Most apt description I’ve heard yet RT @postlocal: Is Pinterest really just ‘crack for women’? wapo.st/yBigsl

— Lindsay F. Gingras (@lindsayfg) February 21, 2012

Some of you use Pinterest for inspiration:

Some of you decidedly un-girly girls are knife enthusiasts:

And some of you just like to laugh at uncomfortable celebrities: