Fur flies over area alley cats

Cat lovers will love this: A small army of volunteers is trapping feral felines, sterilizing them and returning them to the very alleys they came from. (Video and photo gallery)

National Zoo worker charged in cat-poisoning case

However, a National Zoo researcher who has written about the deleterious effects of cats who hunt migratory birds was arrested and charged with attempted animal cruelty, accused of poisoning feral cats in her Columbia Heights neighborhood.

High gas prices won’t slow holiday travel plans

Local residents are expected to shrug off the high gasoline prices this coming holiday weekend, AAA says. Its survey shows a slight increase in the number of area residents who plan to drive 50 miles or more this weekend. Traffic’s going to be bad, so we suggest you leave now.

Advice for southbound holiday drivers

If you’re headed south for a long weekend, Dr. Gridlock has some good driving advice for you.

Capital Weather Gang’s 2011 summer outlook

Memorial Day traditionally marks the beginning of summer, and the Capital Weather Gang says this summer doesn’t look as hot as the 2010 version. However, the D.C. region will undoubtedly be hot, humid (you can call it sultry, if you are an optimist) and full of tree-limb-shredding thunderstorms.

Va. Republicans raise more than $500,000 at retreat

The Old Dominion’s GOP House members think they’ve scraped up a half-million over two days at their retreat -- about the same as last year.