Here’s what’s new since your morning newspaper:

Catholic University ditches coed dorms The school’s president wants to curtail students’ binge-drinking and casual hook-up habits

D.C. ranks tops as family-friendly city Parenting magazine’s editors like us (they really, really like us). What pushed Washington, D.C., to the top of their rankings this year? Our “charm and culture.” Blush.

Protesters cut short D.C. Council meeting The D.C. Council cut short an administrative meeting this morning after more than a dozen residents protested and demanded entry. They were upset at cuts in funding for their program, which hires young men and women, many recently released from prison, to supplement city public works services in some neighborhoods.

Justice approves Pr. William redistricting plan The Department of Justice approved Prince William County’s redistricting plan, which sets the names and boundaries of the county’s seven election districts for the next decade.

George Allen unveils campaign policy blueprint George Allen unveiled the most detailed set of policy proposals yet Tuesday in his campaign for the U.S. Senate, calling for broad cuts in taxes, spending and regulation across the federal government.