What’s new locally today?

Woman detained in Metro bomb threat on Red Line A McLean woman has been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility after she allegedly made bomb threats that shut down a portion of the Red Line this morning.

A first at the D.C. jail: A high school graduation It’s not a GED and it’s not a training certificate — columnist Petula Dvorak reports that 17-year-old David Williams is the first person to earn an actual D.C. public school diploma while locked up.

Muslims and the American way of life Ibrahim Moiz, a Muslim lawyer in Fairfax County, mixes Muslim tradition with “the American way,” which he believes steers Muslims away from extremism while still holding their faith close. Moiz chatted about this religious approach, as well as how the American Muslim community has been affected after a decade marked by suspicion and mistrust.

Real estate commissions on the rise As the housing market has soured, real estate commissions have managed to climb. Post reporter Dina ElBoghdady and real estate editor Elizabeth Razzi took reader questions about this phenomenon.