Here’s what has happened since the presses rolled this morning:

Robert Burzee, 41, has spoken up as one of the victims from convicted teacher Kevin Ricks’s time in Georgia. Ricks, who later taught in northern Virginia, was sentenced last week to spend at least the next two decades behind bars.

Arrests made in two D.C. slayings

Patricia Ann Cave, 49, of Northeast Washington was charged with fatally stabbing Lamont Warren, 36, in Northeast Washington early Thursday, and Monquel N. Cook, 21, was charged in the killing of Michael Milton, 47, Aug. 22 in Southeast Washington.

Arrest in Tuesday’s shooting death of 15-year-old boy

Eugene A. Kelly, 26, of Northeast Washington was arrested Wednesday evening and charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Isaiah Harris.

Power is back in NE D.C.

After suffering in record-breaking temperatures for three days, almost all 1,800 Pepco customers got power (and normal life) back about 2 p.m. today.