“Not again! Not again!” (Ricky Carioti/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Better make that ice cream run now: Late Saturday morning, there’s a good chance that higher elevations north and west of the District will see some of the white stuff for the first time this fall. The silver lining in that cold, cold cloud? Others will have it much worse.

More chilling testimony: First, some Bethesda Apple Store employees heard noises that sounded like something was being hit. Then came high-pitched screaming, squealing and yelling. Then: “Talk to me. Don’t do this. Talk to me. What’s going on? ... God help me. Please help me.” Then it stopped, and the Apple employees went back to work. Washington Post columnist Michael Rosenwald, who first highlighted the reactions from people at the neighboring store during the Lululemon killing, couldn’t draw out any explanation for why nobody called 911.

I’ll take the cutlet, my companion will have the outlet: In just about any restaurant these days — even fancier places where the multi-course proffer is something like performance art — you’re likely to find parties of one fiddling with their digital devices. It churns some restaurateurs’ stomachs, but others are choosing to enable the apps-and-appetizers crowd.

Mental hospital killings rise: Perkins Hospital Center in Jessup, Md., the maximum-security facility where the state’s most unstable offenders are committed, has suffered three patient-on-patient killings in the past 13 months., including two in the past two weeks.

A motivated candidate: Steve Stuban won’t have any party’s endorsement in his race for Fairfax School Board. He won’t have huge numbers of volunteers or campaign donations. But he has become the face of problems in the county schools’ discipline system after his son Nick, a W.T. Woodson High School student and football player, committed suicide in January, galvanizing county activists.

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