Out of the car, into the water American River Taxi is the latest company attempting to lure Washington area commuters off congested roads and off of Metro. But will D.C. area residents be willing to commute by ferry?

Hot, hot, hot- Five strategies to cope We’re not kidding — it’s broiling out there. So what are we going to do about it?

A model airplane history-maker Maynard Hill, who flew one of his creations 1,882 miles across the Atlantic on less than a gallon of fuel, died Tuesday in Silver Spring at 85.

Charges- Md. couple forced woman to work as domestic servant An Upper Marlboro couple compelled a Filipino mother of 8 to work through a scheme of threats and assaults, officials said.

Metro to end some single-tracking of trains Metro officials said they plan to try a new approach to doing track work — instead of single-tracking trains on a line it is proposing to close stations along the line to do maintenance and repair work in hope that it will keep at least part of the line running.