Today’s roundup for your evening commute.

With clarity and premeditation. A Fairfax County jury decided Carmela dela Rosa, 50, knew her actions were wrong and had planned them when she threw her granddaughter to her death from a Tysons Corner pedestrian bridge in November 2010. The jury is now deliberating what dela Rosa’s sentence will be for the first-degree murder conviction.

Sad about Steve. Outside the very first Apple store in Tysons Corner Center, distraught fans left sympathy cards and flowers. Inside, the retail juggernaut continued on. Manish Ramji, visiting from London, left with an iPad 2, to add to his expanding Apple gadget collection. “It’s so sad,” Ramji said. “He understood people, and he wasn’t like one of these other CEOs who you never see. He was always out there.”

On Freedom Plaza, protesting corporate greed. A couple of hundred social justice protesters launched an “occupation” of Freedom Plaza, the area’s first major demonstration against rising inequality since the Occupy Wall Street movement began last month in New York and spread around the country.

Walk-ins. When the new stretch of Metro tracks out to Tysons Corner opens, residents hoping to take advantage won’t be able to park at the stations. Residents and officials are trying to figure out what the best ways to catch a train will be.

At least it’s not tribbles. A Fairfax County animal shelter is overflowing with rabbits after last month’s flooding soaked their cages and left their owner unable to care for them. The shelter is looking for new homes for Brownie, Floppy and all the rest.