Police search home of suspect in Pentagon scare Authorities are searching the Franconia area home of a man being held in connection with an earlier scare involving a suspicious abandoned vehicle that closed roads around the Pentagon, an FBI official said.

Region’s jobless rates are mixed in May Unemployment levels rose in the District, remained steady in Maryland and dropped slightly in Virginia in May, according to new data from the Labor Department.

Legal system forces face-to-face meetings with Prince George’s County’s most violent criminals Thirty-four of Prince George’s County’s most dangerous criminals — murderers, robbers and carjackers — are being forced by their parole and probation agents to come to meetings with police commanders, prosecutors and community activists. All are considered likely to strike again.

Va. political operative battles for underground Dulles rail station The location of a rail station at Dulles International Airport may rest with Mame Reiley, a Democratic fundraiser who isn’t well known outside political circles.

(Adrienne Crosier)

Summer job program cuts leave youngsters searching for options Advocates want to know why more wasn’t done to promote alternatives for job-seekers.