Annys Shin has written a story about Marla Gilson, a Maryland woman who was fired from her job as leader of a not-for-profit association after she asked to work from home for several months while she was treated for cancer.

The board of directors of the Association of Jewish Aging Services of North America said in a letter that going half a year with a homebound president/chief executive would cause “an undue hardship, if not irreparable harm” to the organization.

Gilson, who has declined to comment but whose cause has been taken up by others in the Jewish community, was preparing for a bone-marrow transplant to treat leukemia.

“I think it is hard to fathom how people who are executives for institutions whose mission is to care for the frail and elderly could behave so callously, independent of their legal obligations,”one supporter said.

Would your organization or workplace be able to function for six months with its leader working from home? Should that be a concern, or is this a purely moral issue? Vote in the poll, and leave your comments below.