It’s no secret that Washington, D.C., residents are smart. They are policymakers, Hill wizards and lobbyists. But come Sunday, they are also master puzzle-solvers.

Mark your calendars for Post Hunt — the Post’s fourth annual afternoon of fierce competition. Here’s how it works: Teams try to solve a list of out-there and difficult puzzles. The answer to every puzzle is a number, and those numbers serve as clues in the final round. The winner of the game also gets a cash prize.

In order to better understand of how the game works, Post Hunt creators Dave Barry, Tom Shroder and Gene Weingarten outline what you’ll need on the big day.

The final clue is revealed to participants in the 2008 Post Hunt. (NIKKI KAHN/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Does that all still sound a bit confusing? Don’t fret. We created this virtual version of the game for the first Hunt in 2008 and use it every year. And check out the videos from last year’s hunt for even more insight.

More questions? Snarky comments? There’s a live discussion Friday at noon with the Hunt creators .

The hunt kicks off at noon at Freedom Plaza (Pennsylvania Ave. NW between 13th &14th Streets).

One important thing to remember: To play the game, you MUST have a complete copy of the June 5 issue of The Washington Post Magazine. We’ll give them out for free on Sunday, but we’ll also post a downloadable PDF of the entire issue on Friday at 11:59 p.m. for those dedicated teams who want the added time to scour the pages for clues.

Prepare now for what will surely be the most important event to hit Washington all year. And let’s be honest, instead of rounding out your work week with diligent emailing or drafting important documents, visit our Post Hunt Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @posthunt to keep yourself updated on the competition. See you Sunday!