The Rodriguez family, of Orlando, Fla., cooled off in a fountain on the Washington Monument grounds as summer heat in the mid-90s sent Washingtonians and visitors alike in search of relief June, 23, 2010. (By Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

The Capital Weather Gang isn’t doing much to inspire confidence that this summer won’t be that bad.

The Post’s weather team relaunched its summertime poll today, asking readers to predict how many 90+ degree days Washington will get this summer.

In the summer of 2010, the high at Reagan National Airport reached 90 or higher 67 times. Yes, 67 , tying the previous record set in 1980.

Post intern Milos Balac challenged the record-setting heat in 2010, testing various items, and himself, to see what — or who — would melt first. Watch the video. (By Anna Uhls/The Washington Post)

Do you think we’ll match last year’s record — or set a new one — this summer? (Please say “No.”) Check out the summer weather outlook for hints and cast your vote over at Capital Weather Gang.